You probably know that it’s RECORD STORE DAY again, this Saturday 20th April. There’s lots and lots of goodies on offer and amongst the gems at the famed Putney SOUL BROTHER shop is a 12” single mix of CHINA BURTON’S in-demand soulful dancer, ‘You Don’t Care About Our Love’.

This BIG, BIG track was first released in 1979 by on Logo Records and original copies now fetch something like £400!

‘You Don’t Care About Our Love’ was Mark “China” Burton’s only record and it was recorded in March 1979 at Lansdowne Studios, Notting Hill, with producer Adam Sieff and arranger John Altman. China’s memoir recalls that Logo Records allocated an unusually large budget to the production team; this is reflected in the unique sound which doesn’t sound like a typical U.K. disco production. The record eventually attracted the attention Laurence Ronson, father of Mark, who consequently advanced China £30,000 for a record deal with his own Paper Music. Sadly, we believe, addiction issues meant nothing came of the deal and Mr B eventually went into the world of international art dealing! But ‘You Don’t Care About Our Love’ stands as a great testament to what might have been!