GERALD VEASLEY: Your Move (Label: Heads Up)

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Gerald Veasley is a prolific jazz bassist. His pleasant plucking has graced countless albums – both as sideman and lead artist and despite a limiting instrument like the electric bass his solo sets have been surprisingly varied and this new 10 tracker is typical of what he’s previously offered. The album does, of course, boast several bass heavy cuts on which Veasley shows his virtuosity. The opener, ‘Hear Now’ is a good example. The cut boasts a propulsive groove as too does the LP’s only cover – a version of Sly Stone’s ‘Thank You Faletinme Be Mice Elf Again’. Elsewhere though you’d be hard pushed to believe that this is a bass player’s solo set. A lot of the music is gentle, smooth jazz and in places – notably on ‘Greenwood’ and ‘So Close To The Sun’ I’m reminded of the work of ethereal sax man John Klemmer. For the rest, the album’s title cut is busy and bristling while ‘Cross Currents’ is possibly the truest jazz offering. That one’s a lot looser than the rest and almost becomes adventurous with some great keys from Donald Robinson. Other players include Will Brock, John Swana, Chris Farr and Chuck Loeb whose contributions add to the overall inoffensive smoothness.
(BB) 3/5