RAHSAAN PATTERSON: Wines And Spirits (Label: Dome)

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Rahsaan Patterson is now a long-time UK soul hero and this new set should delight those of his fans who believe, like him, that soul music must move forward and evolve. That particular Patterson tenet is evident right from the off with the funky, jazzy, loose ‘Cloud Nine’. It’s not the old Temptations’ song – but it’s as adventurous as that particular creation was back in the day. Rahsaan unveils other new flavours too on ‘Pitch Black’, which, with its heavy bass introduction, is almost indie rock and on the lovely acoustic version of Janis Ian’s ‘Stars’. ‘Time’ is another interesting cut with and organic rap that really does fit in with both the song’s feel and sentiments. However, the best tracks are those where Mr. P ploughs the furrows he’s more familiar with and there’s three here that are every bit as good as the man’s signature, ‘Don’t Wanna Lose It’. First up there’s the ultra wistful ‘Feels Good’. Truly laid back and lazy, it’s a delight. Then there’s the hook-laden ‘No Danger’ – which is built around that swirling riff from Mark Johnson’s ‘Daydream’, while ‘Stop Breaking My Heat’ will prove to be one of the year’s sweetest ballads. Elsewhere, ‘Delirium’ is one those fast dancers that Rahsaan specialises in; ‘Oh Lord Take Me’ has a great live feel (interestingly it’s also been released by a Patterson-fronted outfit called Sugarush Beat Company); and ‘Higher Love’ seems to draw inspiration from the Church. A fine modern soul album this – and I really do mean modern.
(BB) 4/5