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VARIOUS: Wants List 3

As the titling indicates, this is the third Soul Brother Wants List compilation and the brothers behind the label claim it’s the best to date – happily I have to agree. Here you get a very generous 17 rare groove 70s cuts from right across the soul spectrum and there really is something for every true soul fan. Anoraks will already know stuff like the Modulations’ swirling ‘It’s Rough Out Here’ and Arnold Blair’s rightly-loved ‘Trying To Get Next To You’. Diggers and seekers will delight in the Barry White-produced ‘Just As Long As We’re Together’ from the underrated Gloria Scott and the ultra-rare ‘Feels Good’ from Michelle Wiley. My first few listens put that cut as the standout. It’s a real roller of a song that really does make you feel good. Repeated listens, though, made me realize that there are no standouts here – everything is of the highest calibre and cherry picking becomes redundant. Worthy of brief mention however are Carl Davis’s ‘Show Me The Way To Love’ (the veteran producer doing his own Johnny Bristol thing) and Ernie Hines’ Curtom-esque ‘Electrified Love’. Two other great and distinctive soul voices are on display too – Betty Everett with the lovely ‘Wandering’ and Archie Bell’s with his ‘Harder And Harder’. Other featured artists include Betty Wright, the Fatback Band, and Ken Williams. George and Gwen McCrae, Passion and William Bell – and vinyl collectors should note that the set comes in a limited edition vinyl pack too.
(BB) 4/5