TWIN SPIRIT; Beautiful Ugly (Twin Spirits World)

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If you’re hooked on enigmas and the esoteric, this little indie 11 tracker is the one for you. Despite diligent research, I can’t find out too much about Twin Spirit, save that she’s a female vocalist who “is not about conventions“. I also discovered that the theme of this, her latest set, “underlies the self-discovery that she’s undergone over recent years”. The music she creates, she calls “Hypnotic Soul“… but recorded in Atlanta, most would call it neo or nu-soul; it has everything that fans of the genre would expect. So, by and large the music is lazily mid-tempo while the lyrics are reflective, moody, introspective and, in places, vague… try ‘Caught Up’ to hear what I mean.

The big exception is the pacey, ‘Get Myself Together’. This one is a tasty modern soul room dancer. The beats are tight and crisp – just what soul dancers demand. Very different is the album’s big set piece, ‘No Panties No Bra’. It’s not quite what you’d except from the title. Rather, it’s an India.Airie-esque acoustic ramble advocating self-discovery. The theme is that we should all try to find out who we are… no fripperies (as defined by the title) – just you and your thoughts. So, yes, a classic nu/neo soul convention… add to that a couple of inter track monologues and an off the wall intro and you have everything to delight enigmatists everywhere. Find out more @

(BB) 3/5