VARIOUS: The Sound Of Jazz FM 2009 Vol. 2 (Label: Jazz FM)

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VARIOUS: The Sound Of Jazz FM 2009 Vol. 2

The almost-all-new Jazz FM continues its upward trajectory with a second 2009 compilation that’s every bit as good as the first – and every bit as good as all those old chameleon-logoed albums the station issued in its old, true FM pomp. As ever the compilers (in this case Ralph Tee, Steve Quirk and Mike Vitti) have gone for a delicious blend of classic soul and smooth jazz – old and new – to proffer a snapshot of the station’s programming. (Vitti, bear in mind, is programme controller). Amongst the old soul, we’re treated to Maxwell’s ‘Ascension’ (here spelt for some good reason ‘Ascention’), Aretha’s Luther-written-and-produced ‘Every Girl (Wants My Guy)’ and D’Angelo’s lusciously languid ‘When We Get By’. Newer soul is represented by people like James Day (‘Outta The Funk’), Trish Andrews (‘Comfort Zone’) and Arnold McCuller (‘Let’s Go Back’). Jazz-wise the featured oldies include Rodney Franklin’s ‘In The Centre’, David Sanborn’s timeless ‘Chicago Song’ and Larry Carlton’s version of ‘Put It Where You Want It’ while amongst the newer tunes there’s Tim Bowman’s ‘Sweet Sunday’ and a great 2009 version of ‘Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)’ from Boney James. If we tell you that the soul/jazz boundary is straddled by George Benson’s still-lovely ‘Love Ballad’ you’ll know we’re talking about a top quality compilation‚Ķ and then we haven’t mentioned the cuts from Luther Vandross, George Duke, Leon Ware, Maze, Harvey Mason. Herbie Hancock, Gwen McCrae and more. Together they prove that in just over twelve months Jazz FM has re-established itself as a brand leader.
(BB) 4/5