VARIOUS: The 2010 Summer Session (Label: Soul Unsigned)

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VARIOUS: The 2010 Summer Session

This is the second in Soul Unsigned’s DJ series and the picker this time around is Mike Thompson. Thompson was a member of 80s band, Savanna, but since its demise he’s earned a worldwide reputation as a cutting edge DJ. So, a different selecter, but the feel and thrust of the 14 tracker is more than similar to the Unsigned set put together by DJ Ginger Tony (‘Jump Start’). Indeed like all Soul Unsigned product (the core series and the Contemporary Soul Songbook sets) the music here covers all of modern soul’s various bases and pulls the music from all over the place. Amongst Thompson’s selections are cuts originating from Holland, France, Canada, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, the USA and the putative capital of the Universe – Liverpool. The Scouse track is actually one of the strongest on the album … it’s Judderbass’ ‘Everybody Knows’ featuring the fab vocals of Joanna Brown. .. and you might well say, ‘Hasn’t that been on a Soul Unsigned set before?’. The answer is a kind of yes. The original version featured on ‘Soul Unsigned Volume 2’ but it was such a standout that Thompson has used it again – but remixed and re-tweaked it himself, proving there’s more to the man than just popping discs onto a turntable. The result is a lovely crisp modern soul dancer with just a hint of soulful house about it. And there’s a lot more of the same almost housey dancers on the album. .. Leyo’s ‘Barcelona Boogie’, Kwality Kontrols’ ‘Don’t Stop’ , DJ Dealer’s Cool Lovin” and FLOetic Lara’s ‘Under Love’ for starters… though to blur the picture there’s an almost Jill Scott flavour to the vocal on that last one. Variety? Well Marilyn Ashford Brown’s ‘The Jesus In Me’ goes into genuine soulful diva territory while the dramatic ‘Boogie’ from Uptown Funk Empire comes on like a cross between Brass Construction and Giorgio Moroder! Modern room dancers get the opportunity to enjoy Cool Million’s ‘Back For More’ one more time… still loving that Eugene Wilde vocal, rivalled on this set by two other absolute corking vocal performances. First there’s the lilting ‘Fairy Tale’ from the hugely under-exposed Cornell Stone, then the totally magnificent ‘Yes, My Love Is Real’ from Duane Williams. If you need reminding why you got into soul music in the first place try this timeless piece of magic. Lovely stuff and the cherry on another excellent Soul Unsigned collection.
(BB) 4/5