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Spur of the Moment are a confusing band. I don’t mean that in any kind of derogatory sense; rather I mean I find it hard to pin them down. And I’m not the only one. Over a 20 year career, various music writers and record selling sites have pitched them into all kinds of categories – ranging from smooth jazz right through to hard funk (with all kinds of stops en route). Even more confusing is the fact that the title of this rather fine new long player – ‘N 2 Deep’ – also happens to be the name of a 90s rap outfit! Well for sure, the music on Spur Of The Moment’s ‘N 2 Deep’ isn’t rap! So what is it? Well there is some smooth jazz; also a touch of funk (maybe not too hard, though); but there’s also plenty of classy soul music. Someone called Berry Gordy tried to defy categorises. He once famously said that there were only two kinds of music – good and bad ; put it another way – what you like and what you don’t like. So homing in on ‘N 2 Deep’ – here’s a platter of good music, which if you’re a soul fan, you’ll love!

If you want some kind of guarantee about what I’ve just said, it should suffice just to say that a certain Maya Leak makes a guest appearance . Now we all know that Ms L only gets involved in quality projects and here she fronts a crisp, mid-tempo workout ‘Free Urself’ . OK – it does veer towards smooth jazz ; but it’s a rather classy smooth jazz and THAT vocal is the cherry on the top!

Amongst the other vocalists is Kenny Allen who leads on a Jonathan Butler acoustic styled ‘Love Her’ and a brash, soulful ‘Move On’. Jon Rych is at the mic for the Buddy Johnson jazz standard ‘Save Your Love For Me’ but the most interesting cut is a version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Love’s In Need Of Love Today’. Here the sax takes the lead lines while the vocalists offer Take 6 style support – lovely treatment of a lovely song.

That one, by the way, is preceded by ‘NATB!’ which I’m informed stands for “not the average band” – which kind of takes us back to where we came in. Yep – not an average band; not one to pigeon-hole. But purveyors of great music? Sure thing!

(BB) 4/5