ROB TARDIK: Moments (Guitardik)


Rob Tardik is a Canadian smooth jazz guitarist and he regularly tops charts and jazz polls in his homeland. ‘Moments’ is his fifth album as leader and the 12 tracker is a relaxing, undemanding listen – a proper smooth jazz album, if you would!

The long player’s big tune is the title track (clearly why Rob choose it for the job). We get two versions – one, a very pleasant instrumental in the fashion of Earl Klugh. Better and more immediate is the vocal take. With Alden Castillo on lead, the tune moves into Babyface territory… a gentle. soul-lite massage.

In the last paragraph we referenced the great Earl Klugh and ‘Moments’ features more Klugh-inspired “moments”…. notably ‘Reflections’ and ‘Voyageur’ and though on ‘Sip And Salsa’ and ‘A New Life’ Tardik plays nylon-strung guitar, the feel is more flamenco than Klugh.

Elsewhere, the lead instrument is electric guitar and there’s a rocky flavour to some of the cuts – like ‘Rite Of Passage’ though sax input from guests like Will Donato adds a soulful undertow to proceedings.

(BB) 3/5