VARIOUS: Quantic Presents The World’s Rarest Funk 45s volume 2 (Label: Jazzman)

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VARIOUS: Quantic Presents The World's Rarest Funk 45s volume 2

Sequels – in music, film, literature or any artistic medium for that matter – often disappoint because they tend to dilute an original idea and reduce its impact with repetition. Not here, though. The law of diminishing returns shouldn’t apply – I hope – to this second instalment of ultra-rare funk that maintains the high quality of the inaugural volume in this engaging series. Compiled by UK record producer, Will Quantic – of Quantic Soul Orchestra fame and who recently joined forces with soul chanteuse, Spanky Wilson – this compilation is jam-packed with some of the dustiest, dirtiest, low-down funk 45s that time forgot. It kicks off with the incredible booming funk of ‘Clap Your Hands’ by the impossibly recondite combo, Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets, who sound like the Fatback Band on angel dust. The chorus is more infectious than bubonic plague and the original 45 is apparently rarer than a hair on Isaac Hayes’s bald pate. The same can be said for funk esoterica by the Innersouls (‘Just Take Your Time’), Abraham & The Metronomes (‘Party’), The Black On White Affair (‘Funky Manuel’), and Lil’ Buck & The Top Cats (‘Money In A Sack’). There are sixteen cuts in all and they’re all top-notch. ‘New Generation’ by the Universals is a personal favourite as well – the groove is slower, deeper and more sensual, as it is on the Meters’-style organ/guitar-led jam, ‘Zambesi’ by the Fun Company. The music is enhanced by a photo-packed booklet with extensive liner note commentary. If you’re fanatical about funk like me, then you won’t want to miss out on this cache of 24-carat funk gold.
(CW) 4/5