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KENI MYLES: My Rhythm And Blues

This album was originally released in 2008, but is now being re-promoted in Europe by Mike Ward’s Sheffield-based Inda Soul promotions and it’s easy to hear why UK soul veteran, Ward is prepared to get behind the album. First off, Indiana-born Myles has a great modern soul voice – a lot like Usher Raymond’s. Secondly he’s written some decent songs – original and non-derivative; thirdly his producers (Deja’s Way Productions) have come up with lots of new ideas; and fourthly, for an indie soul set, production values are high and the whole thing reeks of the quality and professionalism only usually associated with the major production teams. That all comes together at its best on the crisp, mid-tempo groove that is ‘4 This Luv’. It’s a sweet, little tune featuring great vocal interplay with a female trio – Kimberly Nicole, Shannon Howell and Nzinga. ‘2 Way Gift’ is another good little cut -with an intriguing stop/start rhythm while tracks like ‘Last Night’, ‘Rain’, ‘Damn’ and ‘Sexi’ are as good as anything currently being peddled by the big names of R&B while the LP’s closer , ‘Breakin’ My Heart’, is a good deal more adventurous than any of those big names might ever attempt. This one’s the album’s only real ballad – but it’s not quite balladic. It features Myles’ fine voice against a loose, almost jazzy piano backdrop and it’s a satisfying ending to a decent indie soul album. At the moment Keni Myles makes a living as a jobbing actor (he was in the second Austin Powers movie and has parts in a number of US TV shows) but on this evidence, music is probably a better career bet – he just needs those vital breaks. Find out more at
(BB) 3/5