INCOGNITO: More Tales – Remixed (Label: Dome)

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INCOGNITO: More Tales - Remixed

Earlier this year the Incognito band wagon rolled on with yet another top quality album – ‘Tales From The Beach’. Bluey’s boys (and girls) have always had a wide-ranging appeal that goes way beyond the soul crowd and many of their previous gems have been re-mixed, re-assembled and re-tooled to find favour in dancier environments. Now as 2008 draws to a credit-crunching end, Bluey and Dome have called in some on the best remixers to take a fresh look at the aforementioned ‘Tales’ … and the result is well… fresh. People like Christian Prommer, Simon Grey and the ever-dependable Mark De Clive-Lowe have taken by-now familiar songs and reinvented them, but – and it’s an important but, most are savvy enough to know that Bluey’s original artefacts were top notch in the first instance so they’ve retained the man’s vision, his groove and his impeccable choice and mix of vocalists. Best example, possibly, is the way long-time Bluey associate Ski Oakenful handles ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ The wonderful Maysa vocal is kept right up in the mix, gliding effortlessly over really tight beats. Add to that a wonderful vibe break that would do Vince Montana proud and you have a great cut. Montana and the Salsoul crowd are points of reference too on another of the LP’s highlights – Dimitri From Paris’ look at ‘Step Aside’ It’s big; it’s bright and the swirling strings will encourage you to dig out some of your Philly/Salsoul oldies. Elsewhere Christian Prommer adds a Latino flavour to ‘Happy People’ while DJ Day injects a lazy groove into ‘I Come Alive’… lovely brass in there too. Francis Hylton’s look at ‘I Remember A Time’ is another that will please modern soulsters. Dubbed ‘The Black Moses’ remix, the rumbling bass and deft, soulful keys are clear homage to the late Isaac Hayes. Less successful soul-wise are the choppy Outside Remix of ‘Tales From The Beach’ and the electro Tortured Soul Remix of ‘Love Joy And Understanding’. Equally the beats on the second take of ‘Happy People’ (Mystery and Matt Early Remix) are a tad too tinny and fast to appeal to the soul crowd, but, as we said up top, the intention of the album is to spread the music’s appeal and in that respect, it’s a clear success.
(BB) 4/5