VARIOUS : Lost And Found (Label: bbe)

VARIOUS : Lost And Found

This is the second in the bbe label’s ‘Lost And Found’ series. The idea (not a new one, it must be said) is to let well-known musos select their favourite long-lost songs around a particular theme. Here the pickers are Keb Darge and Paul Weller and the theme is ‘Real R’n’B and Soul’ and the duo have got it absolutely bob on. The 28 cuts have been lost for too long and each and every one is “real” in every respect. Darge’s selections are an eclectic mix of raw, authentic 50s R’n’B and 60s soul. Most of his soul selections are uptempo dancers but their soul quotient is not lessened because of that. The Brothers of Soul’s ‘Come On Back’ is a good example. It possesses all the outward qualities that would endear it to the Northern fraternity but the church-raised lead vocal takes it to another dimension. Other Northern style dancers include The Tempos ‘Countdown’ and the Tony Camillo-produced ‘You Don’t Love Me’ from the Epitome Of Sound. A little less frantic – but no less delightful – are The Casanova Two’s ‘We Got To Keep On’ (fans of the Esquires will love this one) and ‘A Dream’ from The Creations. Featured amongst Mr D’s R’n’B picks are Big Mama Thornton’s ‘They Call Me Big Mama’ and Daddy Cleanhead’s ‘Something’s Goin’ On In My Room’….on both (indeed on all the R’n’B) the passion is palpable. Paul Weller’s selections are a little lighter on the R’n’B though he goes with Jimmy Witherspoon’s ‘Money Is Getting Cheaper’ and Bobby Bland’s ‘Honey Child’ and picks a couple of straight blues – Albert King’s ‘Crosscut Saw’ and Slim Harpo’s ‘I Got Love If You Want’, a song that helped launch a thousand 60s UK blues bands. Soul-wise you would expect Paul Weller to excel… and he does. I read somewhere that his favourite record off all time was ‘Colour Him Father’ from the Winstons. Well that’s not here (licensing problems, I’d guess) but there’s lots of that same lovely brassy, harmony group, mid-tempo sound – best represented by the Intruders’ ‘Hang On In There’ and the underrated Radiants’ ‘Ain’t No Big Thing’. The classics are represented by Major Lance with ‘Rhythm’ (still fab!) and Dells with ‘Wear It On Our Face’ (as fab!). Collectors will want the delightful ‘One More Chance’ from Margie Joseph and it’s always good to have another chance to enjoy Tammi Terrell’s version of ‘All I Do Is Think About You’. That leaves Billy Watkins’ ‘The Iceman’, Eddie Giles’ ‘Losin’ Boy’ and a real left field charmer – Emmit Long’s ‘Call Me’. If you don’t already know it, let me tell you the sincerity of the cracked vocal will knock you out. Then, again, I was knocked out by all the cuts… REAL soul all the way.
(BB) 5/5