DOMU presents PETE SIMPSON: Look A Little Further (Label: Papa Records)

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DOMU presents PETE SIMPSON: Look A Little Further

Domu is the alter ego of UK DJ/producer Dominic Stanton known on the underground dance scene for his soul influenced beats. Here he’s teamed up with Reel People’s Mike Patto and Jill Scott collaborator Pete Kuzma to craft a tasty ten tracker that won’t appeal to the conservative element within the soul crowd (nothing retro here – sorry), but it will attract those with adventurous ears seeking something just a little different. There are some great songs herein, but what really makes it all happen is the vocal of Pete Simpson. Simpson is a Yorkshire lad – buy you wouldn’t know it. He’s worked the UK gospel circuits for some years, is a key elements of the Unabomber’s Elektrons set up and he sounds every bit as soulful as anyone currently recording Stateside. Hear the proof from the off with the opener, ‘Don’t Hide’ – it’s a great rumbling tune. Good – but bettered by ‘Ain’t No Fool’ which reminds me (and I can’t really say why) of a Rahsaan Patterson dancer – the tasty Rhodes solo is this particular cake’s icing… think classic Bob James. Elsewhere, ‘Second Chance’ is an almost housey shuffle; ‘Won’t Give Up’ has a light Latin feel to it; while the title cut brings the album together in fine style. ‘Look A Little Further’ draws its lyrical inspiration form the words of Martin Luther King, while musically, the clear influence is Charles Stepney’s work with Rotary Connection. It’s a complex piece and as I said in opening, this LP’s changes and diversity will delight those who want a little controlled, soul-heritage based adventure in their music.
(BB) 4/5