LINDSEY WEBSTER: Love Inside (Shanachie)


Savvy, sophisticated soul folk have been following the career of Lindsey Webster since her subtle breakthrough in 2015 with her ‘You Change’ album. Then, teaming up with the reliable Shanachie label, her profile has grown to the extent that Billboard named her contemporary jazz artist of the year for two successive years – 2016 and 2017. Indeed her 2016 song ‘Fool Me Once’ reached the coveted #1 spot on Billboard’s Smooth jazz chart – making Lindsey the first vocalist since Sade (back in 2010) to take top spot in what is a primarily instrumental format. And if you’re not yet aware of Lindsey’s talent, Sade is a good reference point. Many music commentators have compared Lindsey to Ms Adu while others have likened her to the wonderful Dusty Springfield.

Indeed right through this new long player, you’ll hear echoes of those genre icons. On ‘Bad Grammar’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’ there is a distinct Sade flavouring while on ‘Walk Away’ and the sadly too short ‘Even If He Lied” it’s the world weary, heart-rending timbre of dear old Dusty that comes to mind. My guess is that Lindsey hasn’t set out to copy or imitate anyone; it’s just the way she expresses herself and is there anything wrong to be compared to such legends anyway?

On any lesser album the tracks we’ve just listed above would be highlights but there’s so much good on this 12 tracker that cherry picking is a redundant exercise. By now anyone with any soul knowledge will be aware of the title track…. ‘Love Inside’. The tune heralded the album and was heavily rotated on all the key soul and smooth jazz stations. Little wonder…. it’s a gem. Musically, it sits right on the cusp of soul and smooth jazz; the sweet melody underlines the “count your blessings” optimism of the lyric which Lindsey nails as a gentle jazz guitar weaves between her phrasing.

Elsewhere… well, ‘Love Before’ and ‘By My Side’ are about as sprightly as things get…. never frantic, though; while ‘Opportunity’ is sweet and hook laden though I have to say that melodically, in places, it does remind me of India.Airie’s ‘Video’…. you know that bit “I’m not the average girl from your video”. One for the plagiarism lawyers, methinks! Like the Sade and Dusty connections, it’s all subconscious (I’m guessing) and it doesn’t spoil the overall excellence.

2018 is hardly three months old and we’ve already had some sparkling, top class albums from the distaff side of the genre… Kathy Kosins, Diane Shaw, Lisa Stansfield to be specific. To that list we can now comfortably add Lindsey Webster’s ‘Love Inside’. Check our interview section for more info on this album and Lindsey Webster.

(BB) 4/5