VARIOUS; Let’s Boogaloo Vol. 5 (Label; Record Kicks)

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Record Kicks is a groovy Italian label operating out of Milan. Head honcho is long time soul, jazz and funk collector Nicolo Pozzoli and if you’re a little fed up with the jaded soul sets churned out in the US and the UK, you could do worse than investigate the label. Why? Well Pozzoli and co. work without the preconceptions that tend to hamper some of the British and Stateside soul people who maybe care more about their images and standing in the soul world than the actual music they peddle. Be that as it may, Record Kicks runs a great compilation series called ‘Let’s Boogaloo’, and as you can see they’re already up to volume 5 and if you want the flavour of Record Kicks, this is a good place to start. The 17 tracker has been compiled by Jazzman Gerald (Gerald Short of Jazzman Records) and it’s crammed with rare soul and funk gems –old and new. In fairness not everything hits the spot proving (again) that rarity doesn’t always equate with quality (here I’m thinking ‘Spacing Out’ from the Invaders) but good ol’ Gerald does pick some stormers. .. especially of the funk sort. For starters try Floyd Lawson’s cover of ‘K Gee’ and Billy Larkin’s spaced out ‘Funky Fire’. For the soul brigade there’s some vintage R&B/blues from Little Willie John (‘I’m Shakin’) and Freddy King (‘Now I’ve Got A Woman’), a great Northern beater from Royale VII (‘It’s An Explosion’) and a languid War type groove from Ricardo Marrero (‘Get Yourself Together’). Top cut though is the ultra simple ‘Little Love Affair’ from Patrinell Staten, of which I know nothing except that it’s one of those things with not a lot to it – but it just creeps up and wins you over… great cut and typical of the joys to be found at Record Kicks.

(BB) 3/5