LASHUN PACE: Reborn (Shanachie)


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, LaShun Pace is currently one of the biggest draws on the gospel circuit and ‘Reborn’ is her first full album in over four years. Winner of the 1997 Soul Train Lady Of Soul award, she’s recently suffered health problems, financial stress and close family bereavements – making the album’s title that much more relevant. Sound wise, though, no change: she sticks to the formula that made her previous albums like ‘Complete’ and ‘I Know I’ve Been Changed’ such good sellers within the gospel community. That’s to say there are few concessions to fads, fashion or gimmicks. The 13 tracker is good old fashioned gospel from start to finish.

The marker is laid down from the start with ‘The Song Of The Lord’ which features a testifying narration from sister Lydia Pace and that’s followed by the traditional call and response chorus song that is ‘Something 2 Live 4’. There’s more fierce testifying on the reprise to ‘You’re So Good’ while if there’s any doubt about LaShun’s vocal abilities try the a-capella ‘It’s Me Oh Lord’. The track, though, that sums up both the feel of the album and its rasion d’être is a six minute medley dubbed ‘The Hymns That Brought Me Through’. Featuring traditional songs like ‘Amazing Grace’ it’s a tour de force exposition of the lady’s faith.

Recorded live at the Rehoboth Church Of God in Barnesville, Georgia, the set will please all gospel traditionalists who’ll also be pleased to hear that a genre’s leading light is back to her best. For more details go to

(BB) 3/5