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FUNKATIZED: Funkatized

Funkatized are a Berlin-based duo – Dee Gee and En Bee, and though their definition of “funk” isn’t the classic definition, the pair certainly know how to concoct a good groove. The “funk” in Funkatized, you see, isn’t the sparse, gritty, raw funk of people like James Brown, Dyke and the Blazers and George Clinton: rather, it’s the more polished variety that found favour in the 80s with bands like Incognito and the Brand New Heavies. Purists might say that it isn’t funk at all; they might call it Acid Jazz and if they were being pernickety they’d also mention the house overtones. But that’s all down to labelling and tags and as has been said long and often, labels only have a limited use – musically, in the end, there’s just good and bad music… and there’s lots here that’s good. Driven by a jazzy Fender Rhodes and burbling bass lines the Funkatized 14 tracker debut CD will set feet taping and heads nodding. In what can be a limiting soundscape the duo bring variety with a number of clever gambits. ‘Monster Funk’, for instance, is led by a synthesized vibraphone; ‘Let Me Know features vocoded vocals, while ‘Pfunstudh’ (don’t ask!) defies the studio setting with a real live feel. Overall the sound is busy, bright and bubbling and will bring to mind the aforementioned Incognito and the Brand New Heavies, though in places I was reminded of Down To The Bone. The nearest Funkatized get to old school, classic funk is on ‘Cheescaked’ where the mid-tempo beats really do hit home. What this album lacks, though, is a big vocal track. In places there are vocal hints – chanted choruses and loose interjections, but no proper ‘song’ to give the LP a focus. Maybe next time? In the meantime, if you still hanker after the classic Acid Jazz scene and dig a good groove, you’ll find much to satisfy here. You can find out more at
(BB) 3/5