TONY BORDERS: Cheaters Never Win (Label: Soulscape)

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TONY BORDERS: Cheaters Never Win

Soul doesn’t get much more esoteric than Tony Borders. In fact, not much is known even by the genre’s elite cognoscenti about this raw-throated Southern soul singer whose recording career began in the early 60s when he cut a clutch of 45s for obscure US indie labels like Delta, TCF, Hall and Hallway. This magnificent new 18-track archival compilation entitled ‘Cheaters Never Win’ on Soulscape Records doesn’t shed any illuminating biographical light on soul’s mystery man, but it does confirm the depth and scope of his talent. The CD chronicles Borders’ three-year tenure (1967-1970) with the Alabama-based Quinvy studio/label owned by producer Quin Ivy (who later quit the music business to become a university accounting professor). Some of Borders’ Quinvy 45s were leased to major label MCA but due to poor or indifferent promotion failed to gain the singer the wider exposure his talent deserved. And judging from his superlative performances on the country-tinged title track, the dynamic Otis-style ‘Polly Wolly’ and funky ‘Lonely Weekend’ Tony Borders possessed finesse and style as well as raw talent. A must-have release for serious soul connoisseurs.
(CW) 4/5