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Charlie Faye and the Fayettes are a femme trio working out of Austin Texas. Lead singer, Charlie debuted in 2009 with the solo set, ‘Wilson St.’ which was followed in 2011 by ‘Travels With Charlie Faye’ – both channelling the indie pop sound. Now, Ms F’s changed course and recruited Betty Soo and Akina Adderly to offer an 11 track set honouring the classic girl group sound of the 60s.

Charlie says that she’s always been a big fan of groups like the Ronettes and the Shirelles and they’re the definite reference points for this collection…. though on one of the album highlights, the sultry ‘One More Chance’ you’ll be reminded more of dear old Dusty Springfield. ‘Sweet Little Messages’ is another standout… homage to the classic pop/soul sound of the Brill Building with plenty of sweet, cooing harmonies. ‘Carelessly’ is another appealing, 60s flavoured pop/soul artefact with a quirky instrumental hook to die for.

Elsewhere, ‘Coming Round The Bend’ is the Ronettes’ ‘Then He Kissed Me part 2’, ‘Eastside’ is a touch funkier, while ‘Heart’ is an oddity, given the context of the album. Here the source material seems to be Buddy Holly’s ‘Heartbeat’. Like all the rest of the material though, it’s still a decent pop song – simple and direct and delivered with conviction. And in essence that’s the spirit of the album… a throwback to the days when pop and soul weren’t too complicated or bothered with philosophical, social or political problems. There’s a whiff of innocence about Charlie Faye and her Fayettes and for me, at least, that’s no bad thing!

(BB) 3/5