CHANEL: Forget About Your Boys (MAPP/Black Tree Music)

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Philadelphian, Chanel Perry’s musical background is in gospel – and she has a degree in Mass Communications, but in 2003 she was “discovered” by soul entrepreneur Dee Majek of MAPP records who had her record a magical slab of modern soul – ‘My Life’. With just a hint of ‘Never Too Much’ about it, the single became an underground smash and when it was eventually licensed to Jazz Fm in 2005 it went over-ground big style – especially when various remixers got their hands on it. The follow ups – ‘Dance’ and ‘If You Love Me’ (a cover of the Brownstone hit) – did well too while the slower ‘Lovely Day’ was a highlight of the acclaimed Lolawaxx Soul Divas compilation.

For all kinds of reasons, Chanel’s debut album has been held back – till now. Maybe some career momentum has been lost, but if we knew nothing about the lady and her track record, we’d still have to say that ‘Forget About Your Boys’ is a wonderful debut album – bob on the pulse of the current modern soul scene. There’s no gimmicky pretence about the 14 tracker. Ms Perry and her producers know all about groove-based soul with a garnish of retro – and that’s what they deliver!

‘My Life’ still takes pride of place. We get the still-lovely original version and a very crisp ‘Southern Nights’ mix. There’s also the other singles – ‘Dance’ and ‘If You Love Me’ along with two mixes of that lovely Soul Divas track, ‘Lovely Day’… but they’re by no means the only goodies on offer. Almost any of the remaining cuts would stand out on any other modern soul set. The title track, for instance, is a great little beater and ‘Keeping It To Myself’, ‘No Love Is Free’ and ‘Can’t Let Go’ will all please the modern room contingent too. ‘Strawberry’ is a tad slower while ‘Kind Of Love’ is much more insistent – verging on soulful house. There isn’t a dud here … and like I said up top, it’s all “proper”, gimmick free modern soul. Find out more at

(BB) 4/5