BUNNY SIGLER; From Bunny With Love And A Little Soul (Bun Z Music)

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Philly veteran Bunny Sigler returns to the fray with this new 12 tracker on his own Bun Z label and what a varied set it proves to be! The album opens with a pair of gentle mid-paced items that are more folk-pop than modern soul. ‘Sweet Lorraine’ boasts a catchy melody while ‘Unspoken Words’ is a deeper song altogether, dealing as it does with the lack of emotional contact between father and son. I don’t know why, but structurally it reminded me a lot of Dobie Gray’s ‘Drift Away’. .. yes Bunny’s come a long way since he got the good times rolling! The ballads ‘To Love Again’ and ‘Face The Music’ and the lovely mid-tempo swayer that is ‘Nobody Else For Me’ are more traditional Philly soul fare.

Elsewhere Bunny tries his hand at the whole “love God” thing on ‘How Bad Do You Want It’ The title is the giveaway here as Mr. S takes us back to the slinky era of ‘Let’s Get It On’…. you’ve got the idea haven’t you? ‘Super Guy’ is homage to the days of blaxploitation… Bunny’s ‘Super Guy’ is the “son of Super Fly’ and sadly it’s as predictable as the simplistic ballad that is ‘I Wish’ where we’re offered a litany of wishes of the “no more war” variety. Great idea of course…. but done better many times before. Other cuts that don’t quite make it are the unfocused jam ‘Too Sexy’ and the jittery ‘You Never Knew’.

The good news is that there are a couple of excellent cuts on the set too. ‘In a Minute’ is the LP’s fastest moment – fairly zipping along compared to the everything else, while ‘She’s My Lady’ is a lovely double-tracked effort that rolls along on a sweet groove – a synthesis of all Mr Sigler’s soulful experience.

(BB) 3/5