BOBBY GLOVER; Bad Bobby Glover (Label: Expansion)

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Bobby Glover was part of Roger Troutman’s Zapp entourage and ‘Bad Boy Glover’ was his only solo album. First released in 1984, it’s now available on CD for the very first time as part of Expansion’s latest reissue project. The original LP was helmed by Roger Troutman and with all the songs written by him or his brother Larry, it’s hardly surprising the 8 tracker had the real feel of Zapp about it – and like many LPs of the time, it had two distinct sides/ flavours to it. Four of the cuts are typically 80s sounding funk – clichéd lyrics and crunchy electric instrumentation boosted by a slapped bass and horn stabs. Stuff like ‘What Kind Of Lady’ and ‘Happy’ haven’t travelled particularly well. But it’s a different story with the mellower items. My guess is that on initial release tracks like the summery ‘It’s My Turn’ were totally ignored or considered album padding. Back then albums like this were designed for partying and playing out at the big discos. Now though, the slower items shine through. On them Bobby showed he was a fine and intense vocalist and on ‘I Can’t Stand The Pain’ he gives Teddy P a good run for his money. ‘It’s My Turn’ though is still the big tune and it’s easy to hear why it’s long been a fave on the UK modern soul scene. Gentle and insinuating, there’s not a lot to it… more a groove than a song… but a great one nevertheless.   (BB) 3/5