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APRIL HILL: April Hill

Over the last few years Atlanta’s spawned more than its fair share of great soul talent. The city’s reputation stands to be further enhanced with this fabulous new album from April Hill which is set to become one the year’s key releases. It’s hard to say why the Marlon Saunders’ produced 10 tracker is so darn good – but you just know instinctively when something is right. Straight from the off you know the album’s going to delight. The opener ‘The Search’ is a wonderful piece of modern soul music. It’s crisp and beaty with a beaut of a melody that Ms. Hill handles laconically in the fashion of say Erykah Badu. Rug cutters will love it – as they will the closer ‘No More Tears.’ Lyrically it’s a cut above your average floor fodder too. And that’s another department where the album scores. The lyrics are provocative and intriguing – as on ‘Manipulation’ – a feisty, song of self-determination. ‘Today’ is another intriguing cut – chiefly spoken in the manner of Jill Scott , while the jazzy ‘You Got Me’ might recall Carmen Lundy. Plenty of great ballads too and a wonderful take on Marvin’s ‘I Want You’ on which April dares to be dazzlingly different. Hugely recommended.
(BB) 5/5