VARIOUS: A Cellarful Of Motown Voume 3 (Label: Universal, Motown)

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VARIOUS: A Cellarful Of Motown Voume 3

It’s incredible how that big old Motown vault keeps turning up new finds, and though compiler Paul Nixon admits that maybe the well’s about to run dry, this mighty 44 tracker is no barrel-scraping exercise. Almost all of the cuts here could have been released as singles – or at least have made it to album, but for all kinds of reasons they’ve stayed dust-layered, deep in the vault. This collection, like the previous two, is a comprehensive trawl through Motown’s unreleased treasures and features big names, lesser luminaries and some downright oddities. Big names include Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, Gladys Knight, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder and the Four Tops whose ‘Soldier Of Love’ was actually recorded in 1984 – though Levi’s in fine 60s form. Amongst the less-well known names there’s producer Clarence Paul, the Lollipops, Debbie Dean and Mike Varo – who Gordy hoped might emulate the classic 60s Merseybeat sound! Oddities? Well what about Bobby Kayli? He was Berry Gordy’s brother and his ‘Love In A Movie’ is a real Motown novelty. Then there’s Little Miss Soul. Believed to be Patrice Jefferson, she offers a mighty version of Brenda Holloway’s ‘You’ve Made Me So Very Happy’… and speaking of Miss Holloway, she ends proceedings with a lovely demo version of Smokey’s ‘Going To A Go-Go’ partnered by the Supremes. Best cuts? Well everyone has their own favourite Motown period/sound. Me? I’m a sucker for the early, innocent stuff – so, delighted to have the opportunity to listen to Carolyn Crawford’s ‘Too Young Too Long’ and Brenda Holloway’s ‘You’re Walking Out With My Heart’. Both bring back the true mod mood of the 60s, which, for me, makes a wonderful collection even more wondrous.
(BB) 5/5