At the beginning of the year battle-scarred man about Brit soul, rare groove all things Acid Jazz, CHRIS BANGS  entertained us with an acclaimed album, ‘Firebird’ – a vibrant mx of exotic rhythms, soul-jazz and percussive samba school romps.

Smitten with the samba bug, “Bangsy” continues his upwards Latino trajectory with a new single, ‘My Only’. Some might know that the song was first released by French singer/actress  Danielle Brisbois and it was featured on the soundtrack of the Jack Nicholson movie, ‘As Good As It Gets’ . Anoraks will know it was played over the famous restaurant scene and its catchy, lightness has somehow  haunted Chris  for some time. So, never daunted, he decided to record it and to deliver he’s put together an  ensemble that he’s calling NOVA VIDA (Portuguese for “New Life” we think). They are Brazilian chanteuse KLEI, Argentinian guitar ace FERMIN and Italian keyboard maven  ABRAMO RITI.

Chris is launching  his delectable Nova Vida take on ‘My Only’ on July 24th and to add to the excitement it’s available on his own, brand new label…. CBI!  Get  the date in your diary and be sure to check it out. If you’re seeking a lithe and lively beach anthem, this could be the one! It comes in two mixes – vocal and instrumental.

More good news? There’s a whole Nova Vida album on the way – ‘A Song For Everyone’. We’re told it’s a 10 tracker with a strong Brazilian flavour and a garnish of yacht rock and Balearic chill. In the meantime, as we said, Nova Vida’s ‘My Only’ will be good to go from July 24th.