Fans  of organ-led soul-jazz and funk might want to check out German based quartet KIDDING. An odd name maybe and it gets a little odder as we reveal that their latest single pairs ‘R U KIDDING’ with ‘AM I KIDDING’.

First just a little background. The band consist of old pals organist Andreas Paparrousos and guitarist Legbo  who in 2020 joined up with drummer Lucas Kochbeck and bassist  Tim Ertl  to form a band. Thye were drawn together via a mutual love and respect for old school funk and went into the studio to record some of their ideas.

The end result is this brash and tough single. The putative A side ‘R U Kidding’ is fast and frantic for sure with an old school funky feel and an insistent riff running right through.  ‘Am I Kidding’ is no less restrained – just a hint of ‘Shaft’ wah wah guitar at the start and lashings of bonkers drumming. It’s a full frontal assault!

No kidding… both cuts are properly funky, and the single is out now via Burning Sole/Color Red.