Back in 2015 a UK album called ‘Life’s So Sweet’ sneaked up on us all! Without fanfare or hype the set won loads and loads of friends and was nominated by many as the best UK long player of that year. The artists were MATHER AND KINGDON…. and we waited and waited for a follow up.

It didn’t really happen ‘cos Stuart (Mather) and Chris (Kingdon) went on to work on their own solo projects – a series of singles that over the last couple of years scaled the soul charts and became mainstays of soul radio.

The good news is that M&K are back together and they’ve just released a new single…. ‘The Ways Of You’ which offers once more all the sweet and smooth soul that that debut album gave us. Sure, it’s not revolutionary or esoteric – just an insidious summer vibe that’s already established itself on all the best soul stations playlists.