BEY BRIGHT’S ‘Vibe’ is currently a top soul chart rider. It’s the focus cut from his current five track EP, ‘Soul Nostalgia’ – a mini album which he describes as “sexy, soulful, nostalgic and infectious up and mid-tempo steppers grooves. The EP is power packed with funky basslines, soulful riffs and harmonies, giving it that soul nostalgic flavour sure to move soul lovers straight to the dance floor.” 

The set’s other big focus cut now winning plenty of soul station plays follows the trajectory of ‘Vibe’, it’s ‘Body Can’t Lie’ – a classy slab of modern, foot tapping, head nodding  R&B.

The whole EP is out now. It’s a “Digital Only” release and will be distributed via iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Deezer.