MICHON YOUNG is an American soulstress with a gospel background… though soul seekers who are already familiar with her work would know that anyway. Ms Y debuted in 2016 with a lovely ‘Something About You’ which rightly topped all the credible UK soul charts. The single was followed by an acclaimed album, ‘Love Life Experiences’ which yielded more chart singles. A second volume of ‘Love Life Experiences’ followed in 2018 from which ‘I’m Waiting On You’ proved popular on the smooth jazz and sophisticated soul stations. Another of that LP’s  tracks, ‘Let’s Go To Work ‘ was another chart topper, going on to win “best soul single of the year”  for 2019 in the U.K.’s Groundbreakin Awards… oh, and Michon was named  “Best Female Soul Artist of the Year” !

If you’re not yet familiar with the Detroit based songbird, now’s the time as she gears up to release a third volume of  ‘Love Life Experiences’ (she obviously likes that title!) and previews reveal that the 15 tracker is every bit as good as her previous outings with plenty of the cuts showing the potential to become chart riding singles. Right now the focus cuts appear to be the sultry ‘Cause I Love You’, the sensual ‘Try Me’ (we believe these two songs will be the first single), the tough, funky-flavoured ‘Say What You Mean’ and the sedate but ultra-soulful  groove that is ‘Gonna Make Sure’. Like we said up top Michon’s performances betray her gospel background. Subtitled, ‘Conversation Piece’, Michon Young’s ‘Love Life Experiences 3’ is proper grown up soul music and is released May 27th. Recommended!