Back in May the soul community welcomed back JUANITA WYNN with her lovely single, ‘Make It Right’. The ballad was real quality – no surprise to proper soul buffs who knew Ms Wynn via her work with Lalah Hathaway, Destinys Child, Angie Stone, Diana Ross and more recently with UK-based producer/soul entrepreneur Kejam/Dee Majek.

With the release of ‘Make It Right’ Juanita’s people told us that the song was part of an ongoing project called ‘BST’ (Blood Sweat and Tears). The idea is to release a  new song from the trilogy on an 8 to 12 week cycle and the latest single will be aired this Friday, Augst 26th. It’s an addictive up-tempo, feel good ‘The One’ – one of those tunes just right for the weekend thing! Tight beats, soulful vocal, catchy melody, great changes -nothing not to like! The message in the music matches the optimism… “The heart can be rescued at any time when you find the one”

Juanita says: “When we start dancing we get lost inside a memory of when we first feel in love”. I love writing songs that encourage couples; I’m all for real love and staying together though the good & the bad (If you have that someone that’s worth hanging in there with).”

JUANITA WYNN’S lovely ‘The One’ is released August 26th via Bandcamp