Last year we became intrigued by a new(ish) eclectic Californian band  BRAINSTORY. They comprise  brothers Kevin and Tony Martin (on guitar/vocals and bass, respectfully) and Eric Hagstrom (drums). We were charmed by two of their tunes … ‘Nobody But You’ and ‘Gift Of Life’. Both were/are blue-eyed soul charmers with that latter being a decent take Low Rider soul balladry.

Thus we’re (moderately) excited to learn that the trio are prepping a new album, ‘Sounds Good’ for a release in April. In the meantime, there’s a new single  – an old school pop/soul vibe ‘Hanging; On’. Like the previous singles  this one has been produced by Leon Michels of El Michels Affair while BVs  come via Claire Cottrill who adds to the woozy soundscape  that’s hard to pin  down… it is an intriguing charmer though and it’s out now via Big Crown Records.

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