Avid TV ad break watchers might well have come across a classic 60s soul song in an ad for the online makers web site Etsy. Track in question is ‘You Got What I Need’ by FREDDIE SCOTT. The song was originally released back in 1968 and was an early Gamble/Huff creation. The Philly duo commented on their joint web site: “Seeing the Etsy commercial featuring the song on TV so prominently, makes us instantly reflect back 52 years, when we wrote and produced the song in the studio for Freddie Scott – a great, yet unsung Soul/R&B artist and vocalist. We are so glad this original song and Freddie are getting their just recognition and their due.”

The new TV exposure for the song will earn the pair a few more dollars to add to the royalties they picked up for the song when it was used in a Gap commercial, and let’s not forget the number of times it’s been sampled by people like  Kanye West, Common and Charlie Wilson.