Always good to welcome back old friends… like the wonderful CHI LITES. The Chicago group were always top notch and in Eugene Record they had not only a wonderful lead voice, but also a great writer and producer. In 1974 they enjoyed success with ‘You Got To Be The One’… a lovely, slice of sweet, Chicago soul. 

Proving that’s it’s impossible to keep a good tune down, ‘You Got To Be The One’ has just resurfaced on Bandcamp via a new mix by Shaw & J*ski. Wisely, the team don’t take too many liberties or resort to gimmicks… why would you! They’ve just cranked up the drum sound and extended the original four minutes into almost five. Even the label is homage to the Brunswick set up. I’ll wager this one will have you digging out all your old Chi Lites’ records…. yes; they’re too good to be forgotten!