TENILLE JA’NAE is a new(ish) American soul and R&B singer who hails from Little Rock Arkansas, Now though, she works out of NYC where she’s  busy promoting her latest single,  ‘Notifications’. Tenille says: “Notifications is a song we can all relate to. You know that one person that you thought you’ve found? This is it; I don’t need or want anyone else kind of person that didn’t workout?! Yeah, that person. As much as you try to move on, and forget about this person, minding your own business. You look up, you hear something about this person, you run into this person, it seems you just can’t get away from this person, it seems to make the process of moving on that much harder. You start second guessing, did I do the right thing by letting go, though I know it wasn’t working? Well, that’s how “Notifications” came about.”

Sound-wise, the tune sits at the crossroads of pop soul and R&B lite and Ms Ja’nae croons sweetly with a charming seductive sultriness. Her ‘Notifications’ is out now.