Over the last couple of years modern Chicano soul outfit, THEE SINSEERS have made quite a name for themselves with their quite lovely sonic cocktail of early soul, low rider soul balladeering, contemporary R&B – sometimes garnished with the flavour of ska and reggae. Fans of the band and their sweet and lovely retrophile sound are rightly excited about their upcoming album, ‘Sinseerly Yours’ – due March 22nd via Colemine. (above)

To  whet appetites Thee Sinseers have just released a single from the album. It’s a gorgeous 60s throwback sound, ‘Can’t Do That To Her’. The song hits straight away – classic soul harmonies that create a catchy, joyous sound, paired expertly with the emotive tone of Joey Quinones’ convincing vocals. If you were told that this was a product of 60s Chicago, you wouldn’t argue! The accompanying PR describes the recordings as “vintage blissful soul”. Spot on! Out now!