It’s only February but so far 2022 has yielded up some great soul singles. Now, adding to the list, is an ab  fab ‘One And Only’ from  newcomer OLIVER JAMES, a blue-eyed soul singer from Lafayette, Tennessee. It seems his real name’s Oliver Ridenour and though we use the term “newcomer”, we believe that he’s worked with Rick Hall as a singer/songwriter putting to good use his love of vintage soul while last year his name cropped up on a tune by Nashville band, The Gripsweats, ‘This City’.

So what about ‘One And Only’? Well it’s one of those now fashionable contemporary soul outings with a lovely, authentic retro feel. Crisp, harmonic and brassy, the Chicago sounds of Curtis Mayfield and Johnny Pate are the clear reference points. You can also probably guess that Mr James says he records straight to analogue tape.

Interestingly, ‘One And Only’ isn’t brand new. It appeared on a Colemine label compilation last year but we believe that this is  its first release a standalone single. Whatever, it comes highly recommended!

OLIVER JAMES: One And Only out now via Colemine.