Last October, US soul maestro MARC STAGGERS teamed up with the Cool Million/Sed Soul crew for a gorgeous, sensual modern soul ballad, ‘Yesterday’ (no, not another cover of the famous Beatle song; a completely new one written by Marc).

You can probably guess what’s coming… yep, the song has just been remixed by Cool Million’s Rob Hardt. Rob doesn’t change too many things. He just tightens things up a little, adds some sweet and steady beats and allows Stagger’s warm, smooth, soulful Vandross- flecked baritone do all the work. Where the original Staggers’ ‘Yesterday’ was a Quiet Storm staple this new mix could soon become a sedate and sophisticated slow soul dancer. Marc and Rob tell us that they see the song as “classic baby making music” and we can’t really say much more other than … it’s out now via Sed Soul.