It was back in 2016 that we first got to know New Orleans soul man SARGENT TUCKER with his song, ‘I Need Your Love’ . In its Drizabone mix it was a big, big modern soul hit.

Earlier this year Sargent returned with another smooth, sophisticated soul cut ‘No One Can Replace You’ and that lovely little song is one of the cuts on Mr T’s new EP, which is named for the opening track – a busy but very sweet ‘You Can’t Text Love Away’ which brings soul lyrics right into the age of modern communications. ‘Text’ is a proper little ear worm of a song (cute spoken part too) and I can offer no bigger compliment than to say it reminds me of those great old Ronnie McNeir tunes.

‘Time Will Tell’ offers a similar vibe while ‘Keep On Moving’ and ‘It’s Hot’ plough electro funk grooves. My money’s on ‘You Can’t Text Love Away’. The EP is out now on Anada Records