The SED SOUL team renew their connection with  gospel-reared soul man DAVID A TOBIN on a splendid cover of Spandau Ballet’s 1983 hit, ‘True’. No matter what you think of that band, you need to acknowledge that ‘True’ is a great song and anything that name checks dear Marvin can’t be that bad!

The production on this  new ‘True’ is down to ROB HARDT and like all top producers, he knows how to handle a familiar tune. What he does  is retain the pure essence of the original then adds a special soulful edge, allowing David to bring a churchy, soulful feel to the track. It really  does work and, yes, it’s true, Rob and David really do offer a fresh perspective on something very familiar. As they say, “ Something old, Something borrowed Something new and something so……………’TRUE’”