MAD YELLA began in late 2018 as a 5-piece band of friends who met through university music studies and a shared influence and love of Jazz-Funk, Neo Soul and R&B. Now a seven piece, they have two singles under their belt…. ‘Sequoia’ and ‘Lovin”. Savvy soul folk will know ’em.

The Yella fellas (Will Evans – Lead Guitar; Kojo Degraft-Johnson – Lead Vox; Ray Estaire – Backing; Sam Moore – Drums; Jackson Boardman – Keys; Chin – Bass; Elijah Paul – Saxophone and Ollie – Percussion) are all set to release a brand new single on December 20th…. a very catchy and quirky ‘Being With You'( NO, not the Smokey song).

The song is a band original and in an age of music that is often a carbon copy of something else or a throwback to another era and sound, this ‘Being With You’ is unique … odd even but, take note, it has a simple soulful quality and it will grow on you…. four and a half minutes of fresh music.