At the back end of last year we reported that prolific soul and jazz guitar man, U-NAM was embarking on a new and quite different project – a country and western album! He created a Stetson-toting, boot wearing collective called “U-NAM + THE SWEET BANDITS” and released a single,  a rocky, country beater ‘Wild Cards And Smoking Guns’  on which our man showed his mastery of the banjo!

U-Nam and his bandidos now follow that one with a wild and energetic ‘Movin’ Boots (Line Dance Party’). It’s a real oddity. It’s fast and furious – a bit too fast, methinks, for the oldies and goldies who like to show off their lines at my local church hall… but who knows!

The cut is banjo-led and features chants  and booming beats and if you’re intrigued, there’s a video of dance moves to accompany it! U-Nam says: “We wanted to create something that would unite people and bring a sense of fun and camaraderie. This song is all about letting loose, having a good time, and creating unforgettable memories on the dance floor.” YIPPEE!!!