VARGES THOMAS is a musician/producer/arranger/composer from funk central …Dayton Ohio. His home town connection brought him in touch with Marshall Jones of the Ohio Players who, in turn, introduced him to Roger Troutman who went on to mentor New Horizons, a band that featured Varges and his brother. The band released two albums and enjoyed a hit with ‘Your Thing Is Your Thing’.

More recently Mr. T has been collaborating with southern soul and blues man Bigg Robb but right now he’s working on his own album….’Destiny’ , from which the lead single has just come out.

The tune is an insistent little thing called ‘Ladies Night’ (nothing to do with Kool and the Gang!) and you won’t be surprised to learn that there’s just a touch of the Dayton sound about it – albeit a rather gentle touch. It boasts a sedate stepping feel too; indeed there’s lots going on and it’s available to stream /download via all the usual portals.