The miserable days of last November were brightened up when we heard the news of some new music from UK soul star PAUL JOHNSON … a singer, who, sadly we don’t seem to get too much music from these days! We were told that an EP was on the way and our appetites were whetted with the single ‘Follow’. It revealed that Paul could still cut it… immaculate, unique vocals with edgy production from Daz-I-Kue from the west London DJ and production crew Bugz in the Attic.

The parent EP, ‘Fearless’ is now with us and the promise of ‘Follow’ is delivered via 6 cuts of proper modern soul music – i.e. contemporary, envelope pushing, imaginative music held together by PJ’s remarkable voice that can go from frail and fraught to pulsing and powerful within a couple of bars!

Outstanding soul cut is the mournful ‘Less Said’ while the chunky, beaty ‘Blessed’ is dedicated to those near to Paul who have passed on. He says: “I know too that I have not arrived this far on my journey without the love and support of people who have touched my life. I have been blessed and inspired in a manner that compels me to impart whatever I have learnt to those willing to listen.”

Elsewhere, there’s the electro ‘Victory’ while the EP title cut comes in two mixes. It’s all good to go now on WYLD PITCH RECORDS/51LEX