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Hot on the heels of their last 45 (see recent post on Dwayne Scivally), IZIPHO RECORDS deliver another quality 7” on cult band,  HEART-SOUL & INSPIRATION. You may know that the LA based outfit  was essentially a trio – leader, Vince Howard (drums), Jimmy Soul (bass) and Ron Carr (guitar).

It seems they released  just one album, a 1974 eponymous  set for the Los Angeles-based Viscojon label. It was, to say the least, a sensual affair – in a sort of playful sexy way – very much a genre/trend in those less PC days!

An album highlight was a  cover of Barry White’s 1973 sexually charged classic ‘I’m Gonna Love You More’. The track clocked in at a tantric, climatic eleven minutes and the cut raised a few eyebrows (other things too?) back in the day – all chiefly raised by the  moaning and groaning of guest “artist” Martha Sims who out Donnas Donna Summer if you get my drift! A Sunday school outing this ain’t! However, if you can get past the obvious risqué nature of the track, the trio create a wonderful, cool soul-jazz vibe.

Izipho Records have licensed the track and to make sure you can enjoy its full frontal sensuality; the team have split the cut into two parts and the play speed is thirty three and a third! This ensures total impact!

The release is a limited edition and  you can learn more @ https://www.iziphosoul.com/