CLIVE NEWLANDS is a UK songwriter and instrumentalist who started his music career as a child –winning all kinds of prizes at all kinds of junior competitions for his piano expertise. In the 80s he “found” jazz and soul and learned trumpet and flugelhorn, honing his skills in jazz trios and funk bands.

Clive eventually found a niche writing jingles and promo tunes and in the 80s he met up with UK soul man Stuart Mather and they resolved to work together. Recently Clive came up with a catchy backing track and, hooking up with  Stuart again,  words were added and the result is the ear-worm, ‘I Love It 2’. It’s just been released as Clive Newland’s debut single. It’s not revolutionary or world changing… it’s not intended to be. It’s a simple and optimistic, feel good slice of UK modern soul and it’s available to download right now.