The latest offering from award-winning producer, songwriter and musician PRESTON GLASS is, I guess, what we used to call a concept album. Produced in conjunction with David Nathan’s SoulMuisc Records, Glass’ ‘Love & Compassion’ 17 track collection is all about peace, understanding, respect and, yes – love and compassion.

Preston and David say: “There is a void in the world’s landscape today, of what used to be “basic human ingredients of ‘LOVE and COMPASSION'”…..The need for these qualities is what sparked the inspiration for this album”.

To help deliver the concept Mr G has drafted in a stellar team of performers that includes people like Gerald Alston, Chubby Tavares and Freda Payne. Some of the music has been available before – notably the Alston collaboration with Willie Bradley, ‘In The Meantime’ – a track that was a 2017 UK soul hit. Most of the rest, though, are brand new songs.

Amongst the noteworthy tracks are a great version of ‘Ghetto Child’ by Brendon Wattz and ‘Love Always Wins’ by Eugene Cole (a scion of the famous Cole family). Other contributors include Ron Tyson, Kirk Whalum and Aiyana Lee – the granddaughter of Jimmy Ruffin.

Glass authored (or co-authored) all the songs (with the exception of ‘Ghetto Child’) and it would be very easy for cynics to knock the principle behind songs like ‘Welcome To The Human Race’, ‘Peace Is More’ and ‘Love Will Get Us Through’ but as someone once said (Nick Lowe, I think) “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Love Peace And Understanding”?