Back in 2000 UK garage band BRASSTOOTH sold a massive 25,000 copies of their anthemic ‘Pleasure’. Brasstooth then took a long break but have now reconvened and remade ‘Pleasure’ with a decidley new flavour – one crafted for a new generation of sophisticated clubbers.

The new mix come courtesy of KAIDI TATHAM and features vocals from KT WALTERS whose soulful vocal is a perfect complement to the tight, retro 80s groove…. some great jazzy keys too.

We’re told there’s an album on the way tentatively titled ‘Smiling’ and if this new slice of ‘Pleasure’ is anything to go by, it’s bound to be a good ‘un. The usual download portals will allow you to investigate the new ‘Pleasure’…. Yep … a pleasure to be young and free (if only!)