UK soul man DON-E (McClean) is a busy man. Since the lockdown started he’s released 3 EPs ‘I-soulation’ (which reached the number 1 spot on the UK Soul Chart and was classed as “best independent soul album of 2020”), ‘Soulcial D stance’ and ‘Unbreakable 2’; all showed his flair for crafting contemporary soul with a garnish of R&B. Not to mention his skill at puns and word play!

Right now, as we struggle through dark, miserable January and on to chilly February, Don-E offer us all some cheer and hope with a new EP – ‘Winter Warmers’ (he calls it’s an EP; actually, it’s got 8 tracks – though 2 are short interludes).

The track winning acclaim right now is the tight and beaty ‘One Time Is Not Enough’. This is a remix of one of his oldies and sums up that special contemporary soul/R&B Don-E sound. The mini-album boasts a couple of other tweaks on older material, but Mr. Mac manages to deliver freshness with ‘em all. Out now”