A week or two back we drew attention to ERIC ROBERSON’S new release…. ‘Wind’, part of the man’s oblique tribute to the mighty Earth Wind and Fire. Earlier this year he released a mini album ‘Earth’ and later in 2017 we’re promised ‘Fire’.

The eight tracker (including two very short interludes) is now officially available on Dome Records and as a statement of where Neo/Nu Soul is in 2017 this is damned near perfect! You’ve probably already enjoyed the first single, ‘Love Her’ while we also highlighted the Will Downing duet ‘Lyrics Of Pleasure’. That remains a standout, though there are several more goodies.

Maybe most interesting offering, because of recent new stories, is ‘Claire’ which references the Cosby show! It seems the singer has a thing for Mrs Huxtable (who wouldn’t?) and he’s spent a lot of time looking for someone just like her! Right now we’re also loving the Wonder-flavoured (in many ways) ‘If Only’.

ERIC ROBERSON’S WIND is out now on Dome Records and Eric and his band will be playing live dates in the UK later this year.